Current Storm Information

Latest Ventura County Rainfall Totals - Media Report

This report contains the current storm totals, seasonal totals and percent of normal for 23 official observation stations in Ventura County.  This report contains preliminary totals.  Totals may be be corrected when new data become available.

indent_imageAutomated Media Report (html) - Current totals, normal precipitation to date and current percent of normal.

indent_imageThe Old Timers' Rainfall Chart for Ventura Downtown (pdf) - Displays monthly/annual rainfall in chart form since 1873.

indent_imageAll Time Record Rainfall for Ventura County and El Nino Effects (Updated September 20, 2013)

Current Observations from Ventura County ALERT Storm Watch System

Current Rain and Stream Data (Google Maps Interface)


Notice:  We are in the process of upgrading our radio network and improving the real-time displays. Some data and products may be unavailable during these upgrades.

indent_imageCurrent Rainfall Display

indent_imageCurrent Rainfall (Smartphone Version)

indent_imageCurrent Weather/Water Temperature/Snow Depth Display

indent_imageStream Gage Plots and Forecasts (VCAHPS)

Note: The Google Maps Interface allows us to display more information than we could before. This interface also allows for 5 minute updates for all datasets. This product has replaced the static rain and weather maps. We welcome your feedback on the new Google Maps Interface. Please send your comments to

Web Cameras

indent_imageVCWPD Stream Web Cameras

indent_imageWPD Ormond / Hueneme Pump Station Cameras

Other Reports (Time in PST)

indent_imageWeather Summary Report

indent_imageReservoir Summary Report

Rain Reports

indent_imageVentura County Rainfall Text Report

indent_imageCo-Located RAWS Comparison Report

Fire Area Debris Flow Reports

indent_imageRainfall Intensities 2019 Easy Fire Area

indent_imageRainfall Intensities 2019 Maria Fire Area

indent_imageRainfall Intensities 2018 Woolsey Fire Area

indent_imageRainfall Intensities 2018 Hill Fire Area

indent_imageRainfall Intensities 2017 Thomas Fire (Santa Barbara Region)

indent_imageRainfall Intensities 2017 Thomas Fire (Western Region)

indent_imageRainfall Intensities 2017 Thomas Fire (Eastern Region)

indent_imageRainfall Intensities 2017 Thomas Fire (Northern Region)

indent_imageRainfall Intensities Coastal Pump Stations

indent_imageHistoric Rainfall Intensities for Burn Areas


ALERT Network Status

indent_imageRain Gage Battery

indent_imageStream Gage Battery

indent_imageFlood Warning Network Status and Information Page

Historical Rainfall, Stream Flow, and Evaporation Data

indent_imageVCWPD Hydrologic Data Server

For Hydrologic Data Requests, please visit our Data Request Page

Warning:  This system contains automated rain gages from Ventura County and surrounding counties. These gages send a radio transmission when enough rain has fallen to "tip" the bucket. The amounts varies from 0.01" to 0.04" (1mm). The flood warning network also receives data via GOES Satellite radios. Additional satellite data is received from the USGS, RAWS (Remote Automated Weather Stations) and other automated rain gages. Satellite data are transmitted on a regular basis due to bandwidth limitations on the satellite. This means that data can be delayed up to 4 hours and no reports sooner than 1 hour. Since all the data is automated, errors due to transmissions are possible.  The data available on this web site is provisional and has not been checked or verified for accuracy. All data should be considered preliminary and is subject to change without notice. These maps and reports were created solely for the convenience of the County, other agencies and the public. The County does not warrant the accuracy of these maps and reports, and no decision involving a risk of economic loss or physical injury should be made from the data available on this site.


Flood Warning System Upload Status Report